At Reformation we are passionate about coffee and serving great tasting food.

Reformation Coffee is an independent specialty coffee house situated within Vintners Place, open to both workers and visitors to the building. Owners Stephen & Simon have 18 years experience in the coffee industry. Having sold their other outlets both now work at Reformation in Vintners Place ensuring a warm and friendly welcome to all customers.

In 2021 during the pandemic we took the opportunity to review our coffee, researching the market to bring the very best specialty coffee to Reformation. As a result we now offer our customers a Mayni single origin Arabica blend supplied by Easy Jose Coffee.

Easy Jose take their commitment to sustainability seriously, aiming to act against the coffee industry’s role in the destruction of the Amazon. They work with remote indigenous communities to develop special blends that will have a positive effect upon both the communities and the local rainforest. Their work with the Mayni community in the Amazon rainforest, who handpick the coffee crop to minimise damage to the eco-system, is part of a fully transparent process that results in sweet and sustainable brews.

For the five years before Easy José was introduced to the Mayni, they had been the benefactors of sponsorship that enabled them to grow coffee as sustainably as possible, while ensuring maximum protection to the forest. As the sponsorship came to an end, Easy José began working with the Mayni to create a viable commercial solution that supports the incredible work that was being done. Over the past four years they have seen incredible change to the communities harvesting and processing ability that has ensured the community can continue to thrive in their traditional and chosen way of life.

In the cup: Mountains of chocolate, hazelnut, honey, almond and an orange acidity.

Our teas are from Jeeves and Jericho of the Jolly Good Tea Company who are all about bringing you the best of the world’s finest loose-leaf teas. You’ll find your favourite leaf variety in our extensive collection, whether it’s a black, green, white or herbal tea. Or why not tempt your taste buds with something different?

Our food is sourced locally and our sandwiches are made using fresh ingredients. We offer a variety of salads from our self serve salad bar, stews, soups, freshly baked savoury and sweet pastries, muffins, cakes and much more.